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Cycle Tourism routes across la Vall d'Albaida

The Vall d'Albaida region, made up of 34 municipalities and located south of the province of Valencia, is an inland jewel that houses numerous cultural and natural attractions. Its proximity to the coast and the provincial capitals, make it a perfect place for rural and inland tourism, as well as cycling.

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Bicycle tourism through “exotic Valencia”

I was born in the Netherlands in my memories all winters are cold, dark and grey. As a child, we received deliciously sweet tangerines and oranges in December, and they told us they were from Spain, though I didn’t yet know exactly where it was. Somewhere in southern Europe.

Ruta btt Alto Mijares

The Alto Mijares, an autumnal paradise for lovers of mountain biking

The Region of Valencia is a true paradise for lovers of mountain biking and autumn is the best time to get out there.

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The responsible and safe cyclist

Cycling is a sport with an infinite number of followers and devotees worldwide, and bicycles, whether a racer, a mountain bike or a cruiser, are becoming increasingly fashionable, not only because it promotes the health and fitness of those who ride them, but because they’re also an affordable, environmentally-friendly means of transport that promotes mobility in large cities where traffic jams are

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Testing a Gravel bike through the Caroig massif

One spring afternoon I was in the mood to do a route with the new Gravel bike that I’ve done countless times with the mountain bike, what we’ve always called in Quesa “the tour de Ludey”. Anti-clockwise this time, to avoid the hard ramps on the climb to the Planil.

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Eurovelo 8 Region of Valencia

What is the Eurovelo network?

EuroVelo is a network of 15 long-distance cycling routes that connect and unite the entire continent of Europe. The routes can be used by both cyclists and local residents to make their daily journeys. EuroVelo expects the network to be substantially complete by 2020.

The aims of EuroVelo are:

almendro en flor

Jérica, the unknown gem

A calm and deep ride to Jérica, a gem unknown not only for its cultural, natural heritage, but also for the friendliness of its hosts.

To enjoy this route without rushing, feeling all the sensations of nature, it’s best to do it in stages and not all on the same day. And if it’s on an e-bike (electric bicycle), so much the better - it can always “assist” us when we need it and we don’t sweat.


Ruta Albares

Los Albares cycling route

An extensive network of trails forms a route for the cyclist in the heart of the Alto Palancia. As regards research excursions, exploring new roads and discovering little-known places, this Wednesday we went to see the Albares, a complex knot of hills without excessive altitude or inclines, where the Mediterranean forest, anthropised pine forests and cultivated fields intermingle.